SCCM vNext Easy Setup for SCCM Updates

With the SCCM vNext TP3 Release Microsoft introduced a feature called Update and servicing, which enables SCCM admins to get the latest Updates for SCCM through the also new “cloud connection point” role.  To keep it interesting, Microsoft renamed this role into “service connection point” in the 1510 release in October 😉

If you configured the cloud  err.. service connection point your updates will be displayed under \Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Update and Servicing

2016TP3_Update1510_01In the dmpdownloader.log you can also see that there is also a new update package. The package will be downloaded and extracted to the SCCM server.  <SCCMInstallFolder>\EasySetupPayload\>


A common error here is that the update is stuck in a “downloading” state, despite the dmpdownloader.log tells us the download and the extracting has finished. In that case you need to open the Hman.log and look for this error

*** [42000][8114][Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Error converting data type nvarchar to datetime. : spCMUSetUpdatePackageState


There should be 4 lines of errors and one line will give you the error with the embedded SQL query you need to execute on the CM database.

Mine said “Failed to execute SQL statement EXEC spCMUSetUpdatePackageState N’db316362-77fc-46c9-9984-1baeb20615f4′, 262146, N”, N’19.10.2015 14:46:17′” but i guess the GUID will change each time so don’t copy this query. Use your own.

So fire up your SQL Management Studio and run the query.


After you ran the query, refresh the Update and Servicing view and it should change to “Available”


Hit the “Run prerequisite check” button.


The state will change to “Checking prerequisite”


Now switch over to \Monitoring\Overview\Site Servicing Status, select the Update package and hit “Show Status” in the ribbon bar. You may need to wait a bit until the checks are coming in.


After the prerequisite check finished the update will start automatically. You can check the status in the CMUpdate.log


You may close the Console now, after you reopen it it will ask you to upgrade to the newest version. (Wohoo! finally!) According to Microsoft, this should also work with the console open and then just changing a view in the console for that pop up to appear, but that did not work for me.


In the Updates and Servicing tab you can now see that the newest update has been installed.


More on the current 1510 release will follow in a future post.

Have fun playing around.

cheers Philipp

2 thoughts on “SCCM vNext Easy Setup for SCCM Updates

  1. Hi,
    I test SCCM vnext and whn i installed upgrade 1510 on tp3, i had a new classification on Software update Point. the name is “Upgrades”. I did a printscreen.
    After one or two days after my upgrade, i had errors pending synchronisation. cause is element no existing om microsoft. solution is disable all clssification and product then synchronise. Then enable classification and product and synchronise. synchronisation success BUT “Upgrades” classification not present.
    I reinstall my lab because i want to test new feature upgrade for windows 10 servicing. But no new classification upgrades on SUP role.
    So my question:
    Do you have this new classification on your SUP role please?
    Thank you very much for your help.
    David. Sorry for my bad english

    1. Hi David,

      as far as i know the feature is currently just for show, they will add the capability to service Windows 10 in a next release.

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