CU1 for ConfigMgr 2012 SP2 / R2 SP1 is here

Microsoft just released CU1 (KB3074857) for Config Mgr 2012 SP2 / R2 SP1, you can request a download here.

They fixed several issues with this release, one is a problem importing Windows 10 drivers into SCCM and using them in OSD. You can find a full list of the fixes at the download link mentioned above.

CU 1 upgrades the admin console, the CCMClient and the EP Client.

Automatic Client update

Microsoft now supports Automatically updating the Configuration Manager client with this update. This means that your client package will be upgraded and all newly installed CCM Clients will get the newest update automatically, without the need to install an update afterwards! That’s really good news!


After you downloaded the update 486256_ENU_x64_zip.exe run it and extract it to a folder on the SCCM server.




Always create a backup of your site before you install any update. Better test this in a lab environment before you roll it out in production. Microsoft also recommends to install this CU only if you experiencing the mentioned problems.

Run CM12_SP2R2SP1CU1-KB3074857-X64-ENU.exe to start the update installation.


Accept the license term, click next and make sure your SCCM admin console is closed


Apply all updates to the console, site database and client package


and select the packages you want to create


then next through the package creation/information pages


and check your settings for the update


Setup now installs CU1


After the wizard has finished you need to restart your server


Checks after the installation


After the upgrade those will have the following version numbers

  • Administration Console  5.0.8239.1203
  • CCM Client  5.00.8239.1203
  • Endpoint Protection Client 4.7.0209.0
  • CU Level under “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Setup” should be 1 for CU1

To find clients with the new client version or with a lower version than the current, you can use the following collection queries:

Client at or above Version 5.00.8239.1203


Client lower than Version 5.00.8239.1203


Upgrade packages

You will get upgrade packages for the console, 32bit and 64bit CCM Clients and server upgrades.


You can deploy those upgrade packages as described in my blog post on ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 – Client and Console Upgrade, only the versions differ here.

Have fun upgrading!

Cheers Philipp

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