New Hardware requirements with Config Mgr 2012 SP2/R2 SP1

If you are planning to move to SP2/R2 SP1 or even installing a new environment you should be aware that Microsoft changed the minimum recommended hardware requirements.

Microsoft doubled the amount of  memory you need in your box and increased the needed amount of disk space. You can find a quick overview in the below table which is not complete!

Installation type CPU Memory Diskspace Max Clients
Central administration site with the Standard edition of SQL Server with local SQL 8 cores 64GB 1.5 TB 400.000
500.000 (with CU3 and up)
Central administration site with the Enterprise or Datacenter edition of SQL Server with local SQL 16 cores 128GB 2.5 TB 600.000
Stand-alone primary site with local SQL 8 cores 32 GB 550 GB 100.000
Stand-alone primary site SP2 with local SQL 16 cores 64 GB 900 GB 150.000

You can find all the new requirements on their TechNet WebSite.

So be aware on how the environment should look like when you upgrade or deploy and have fun ordering new resources 🙂

Cheers Philipp


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