ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 – Client and Console Upgrade

After you upgraded your ConfigMgr to the new Version you need to upgrade both the Clients and the deployed consoles for your IT staff.

Console upgrade

In the Installation Media go to [SCCMISO]SMSSETUP\BIN\I386 and copy both “AdminConsole.msi” and “ConsoleSetup.exe” to an Application folder for deployment.


Then you need to create a package or application  with content to deploy the new console.


1. create a new package, name it and define the source folder where you put the files in


2. create a standard Programm


3. configure the user experience



4. enter the installation program information


Finish the wizard, distribute the package and deploy it to your clients.


Or you can create an application.

I won’t show the steps to create a  new application but you have to create a new deployment type “Script Installer”

1. create the deployment type, add the location to the folder you created earlier. then you need to define the

Installation program

and the

Uninstall program



2.  define the deployment detection. I got that one from the AdminConsole.MSI.

Product Code




3. Next,next…Finish

4. Distribute content and deploy it to your clients

Client Upgrade

To Upgrade the client you can simply go into the administration Tab -> Site Configuration – Sites and select hierarchy settings and select the days in which all client should be upgraded.

hirachysettings hirachysettings02

This will create a scheduled task on the client which will trigger the client upgrade within the given time period. You can also run this task manually to upgrade the client


This setting will always upgrade the clients to the newest version after you install a new UR!

If you don’t want to do this, you have to create an upgrade package. These packages will be created by the UR package and will be available for deployment after you installed the next UR.

To monitor this you can create a collections with these queries

All SCCM Clients below Version 5.00. 8239.1000


All SCCM Clients at or above Version 5.00. 8239.1000

or you can use the “Count of Configuration Manager clients by versions” report.

If you have any questions put them in the comment section.

Cheers Philipp

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