The odd case of updating an Storage Provider in SCVMM

If you look into the SCVMM console you will have 2 different ways to update your storage provider. You can either click Refresh or you can click Rescan.


But when you want to differentiate this with PowerShell you run into a problem of some missing documentation in the Cmdlet help page There is no mention of these two different options.

There is an option to do this, but first let me explain what each of these options does.


This option will only refresh known objects to SCVMM and will not add/remove new or deleted objects.


This option will rescan the complete Provider and will add/remove new or deleted opjects.


To do this in PowerShell you can run the command as follows.

To Refresh the storage provider run

To Rescan the storage provider run the same command with the -Force option

If you manage your storage not only with SCVMM and add/delete new stuff to the storage directly you may want to refresh the SMIS Proxy before you refresh the storage provider in SCVMM.

Hope this is helpful for you guys.

Until next time

Cheers Philipp


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