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Azure Stack release will be mid 2017

News over news today 🙂

Microsoft also announced a release time for Azure Stack today  but not so quick with your delight here guys. The release will be mid 2017, they where talking about the end of 2016 before but better having a finished product than a premature one. But one big thing was mentioned in the blog. They will release Azure Stack on their purpose build  CPS platform with hardware solutions from HPE, Lenovo and DELL. 

This means three things. 

  1. At this stage of information, you won’t be able to reuse your old hardware for this. Except you have some old CPS sitting around. 
  2. The implementation of this will be really fast and somewhat easy to accomplish for providers. 
  3. This will ensure that all providers, big and small, are compliant and certified Azure providers. Which also guarantees a working solution for customers where ever they choose to buy this service from. 

Interesting times are ahead of us. Let’s see what they are bringing in 🙂

Cheers Philipp