New SCCM vNext Software Center

Microsoft introduced a new  Version of the good old software center on the clients.


I think it’s a step in the right direction, because it now combines device and user assigned applications in one easy to reach portal.

The only problem i currently see is, if you have a few different applications and you want to install them all at once, you need to click on every single one to install it. As this version is still not final, they probably will change it until the final release. I opened a UserVoice Idea, you may vote on it if you like.

But you can also change it back to the “old” one, if you want to.

Open up the client settings, browse to “Computer Agent” and select No for the “Use new Software Center” option.


After a policy update on the client, the old Software Center will show.


Cheers Philipp

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